2019 Handelsblatt Ranking


The latest version of the influential Handelsblatt VWL Ranking (September 2019) underlines the leading role played by the Department of Economics in the Austrian economic research landscape.

According to the ranking, Maarten Janssen is the most productive researcher in economics with a primary affiliation in Austria. The ranking uses a quality-weighted point score based on journal publications which have appeared during the last five years or which are forthcoming. Jean-Robert Tyran and Martin Kocher are listed on places 4 and 6, respectively. In the category of life-time achievements, where all journal publications are taken into account, Gerhard Sorger, Maarten Janssen, Jean-Robert Tyran, and Martin Kocher are ranked on positions 2, 3, 5, and 9, respectively, among the Austria-based researchers. Paul Pichler ranks number 9 in Austria in the category of young economists (below age 40). Finally, in the ranking of faculties according to points per author, the Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics is the clear number one in Austria.  The full details of the ranking can be found at forschungsmonitoring.org/ranking/vwl/authors.

The logo of VGSE, the Vienna Graduate School of Economics. The letters V G S E each appear on a square. Each square has a different shade of purple. Below the square it says Vienna Graduate School of Economics.